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Artist: “Marcus Money” aka Marcus Wayne Simpson

From: Houston, Texas

American Rapper / Singer / Producer 

About: Marcus Money 

Since early childhood, Marcus Money (Born Marcus Wayne Simpson in Houston, TX) has shown a pure love for music and poetry. By the time he was 7, his parents had divorced and he moved with his mother to a rough part of town. She remarried quickly and there was abuse in the household. By the time he made it to Junior High, Marcus (Known at that time as "Real") began writing and reciting remixes to popular hip-hop songs, favoring ones with lyrics about serious struggles and real problems. By this time, Real himself was struggling, associating with street gangs and experimenting with drugs and eventually crime followed. This led to Real having a run in with the police in 2004, where he was arrested for ecstasy, marijuana, and cocaine. Marcus Money decided to take his music career serious leaving the past behind…

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Connect with Marcus Money:

Instagram: @marcusmoneyofficial


YouTube: marcusmoney


Listen to Marcus Money on: Spotify, itunes,


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