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Alleyah Kate

" A New Voice In Town "



Simply me, 


Born February 06, 1997, Queens, NY, of Filipino descent. 


I started singing since the age of 2 years old. My mother always told me that the first song I ever learned to sing was “ Believe ” by Cher. She noticed that I had some sort of rhythm in me when she saw me drumming to the beat of songs, and assumed I was "musically inclined." Cher was among my biggest influences at age 2.  

I Attended Fiorello H LaGuardia for Performing Arts High School and I spent all four years, then graduated June 2015. I was a vocal major and learned classical music. I took music theory classes as well as music history, and was in several choirs, which was also a part of my academic learning.  


What made me want to attend LaGuardia?  

I did not see myself attending any other high school except that one. I had my focus on that school only at the time I couldn't have it any other way. In all honesty, I was blessed to have been accepted. That was the first time I stepped out of my comfort zone and I'm glad I did. I always dreamed of attending LaGuardia because it's a prestigious school. I also wanted to make my mother proud, that's what she wanted for me. So I went for it.  


What type of music do I like? It honestly varies. Some days I'll want to listen to ballads, Salsa, other days I'll want to listen to rap and trap music. It really just varies. I'm still getting to know my voice better so I'm not sure what genre I really want to pursue my music in, but I enjoy singing ballads. 


My friends and family always asked me or put me on the spotlight to sing at birthday party, receptions etc. They can’t believe that a person so small like me has a beautiful voice. When the audience applaud at my singing it inspires me even more to become a professional singer since it shows that I am doing a great performance to keep the audience entertained. 

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