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Kevin Tapia

" Music Running Through His Blood"




Kevin Tapia has lived a life surrounded by music and instrumentation from the moment he was born.  Kevin’s family, originally from Mexico, have been a driving force behind his musical passion and creativity as he comes from a family of musicians. From the age of eight, Kevin knew that he had a knack for music and by the age of 12 he was learning to play the guitar, with a little help from his uncle and the inspiration of Carlos Santana.  However, it was not until high school that Kevin decided that this might be a possible career path. 




Musically, Kevin listens to an array of sounds, but his heart lies in two places in the realm of genres: Latin music and R&B.  Nonetheless, coming from a Hispanic household, Kevin has been most influenced by Latino artists such as Romeo Santos, Sin Bandera, Camila, and Mana.  No artist has influenced him quite the same way as the Guatemalan singer songwriter, Ricardo Arjona,  “His style of writing is so unique and the words he writes are so strong he’s just the man!” says Kevin. 




After finding himself embodied with this overwhelming love of music, Kevin began to embrace the possibility of one day becoming a household name.  His ambitions are simple but genuine: to inspire and enlighten through the music he makes.  “I want to inspire people and make them strive for their goals even if it’s not being a musician, it could be anything!” he says.  Kevin’s well rounded ear and love for the guitar is what keeps him sane in moments of discontent, “Just when I feel like my world is coming down, I just crank the volume of my electric guitar and just start playing.”




The future is bright for Kevin, he hopes to continue playing his music and showing the world his talent while bringing a smile to the faces of those who hear him.  Be sure to follow Kevin on social media and keep up with all the new music he’ll be sending your way!

Connect with Kevin:

Instagram:  @Kevintapiamusic

Twitter:  @kevintapiamusic

YouTube:  KevinTapiaMusic

Facebook: Kevintapiamusic

Listen to Kevin Tapia on: Spotify, iheartRadio, Pandora, itunes

Piel de Arena (Remix) - Kevin Tapia feat. Mao Da Voice
Aqui Estoy Yo - Kevin Tapia
Do It Again © - Kevin Tapia ft. Finale
Conmigo - Kevin Tapia
Repetimos - Kevin Tapia
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